3 What to wear in Goa for plus size! Plus size swimwear guide.

According to body type charts for women we will fit into one of these seven shapes I’m focusing on five shapes in particular for flattering swimwear for plus-size women I will be writing about

  • The hourglass shape
  • The pear of shape
  • The Apple shape
  • The inverted triangle and
  • The diamond shape

I don’t offer plus size swimwear yet but I do have friends who I’m always constantly advising for the most flattering swimwear that they could find to fit their body type so let’s jump into this right now so starting with.

Hourglass Shape

the hourglass shape you can pretty much wear whatever you want because your body’s proportions are pretty even top and bottom for plus size swimwear I would focus on your waistline your waist is your main attraction when you have this hourglass shape you have a fuller bust so naturally, you can wear low-cut tops you can wear a tube top you can wear tops that have a halter because your waistline is the main attraction focus on things that pulls in that waist to enhance everything else

Pear Shape

Now similar to the hourglass shape you have the pear shape you just tend to be a little bit more narrow at the shoulders I will focus on swimwear that not only elongates my body but also broadens up my shoulders just a little bit you can focus on something like this which is a little bit more high cut on the hip but also has horizontal striping to give you a wider appearance up top or go with something that’s an asymmetrical and asymmetrical top meaning you have something just on one shoulder something that’s drawing your eye away from your midsection it will even out your proportions this is my favorite for this type of shape it’s something that creates a shadow the shadows on the lower half even on the midsection is will give your body a much more slim appearance but also even out your proportions.

Apple shape

now moving on to the Apple shape you tend to have a larger breast area a larger midsection and a more slim hip in the thigh area I will focus on swimwear that creates the illusion of a fuller hip with ruffles just like in this picture right here and I will also focus on things that pull in my waist just a little bit to draw my eye up in this one so you can see that the ruffles hit right at that hip bone area that thigh area and it creates even proportions top to bottom the same thing with vertical stripes are going to automatically pull you up and if you find something with vertical stripes and shadow blocking on the side it’s just gonna make your proportions look a lot more even and your body a lot longer

The Inverted Triangle Shape

now with the inverted triangle shape you tend to be top-heavy meaning you have broad shoulders fuller breasts and then your lower half tends to be a lot slimmer you can play up these features and pull your eye inward by buying swimsuits with a deep plunging v-neckline something that brings your eye towards the center of your body will create the illusion that you are not as wide up top even with the sweetheart neckline it’s round it’s perfect it pulls your shoulders in a little bit and with fringe, it  creates the ultimate illusion over your hips so that it evens you out

The Diamond Shape

now the last shape we’re discussing is the diamond shape and Maya pain is a combination of the pear shape and the hourglass combined you have slim shoulders a wider midsection and fuller thighs you can have the most fun with swimsuits with your type of body I would buy something that has ruffles either that it’s off the shoulder because it falls just over your breasts to make an illusion of a smaller waist and make your hips automatically stand out giving you extra curves the same thing with fringe if you do fringe again make sure it falls over your breasts at least over that waist area because it’ll pull your waist in and give you that curvy appearance just like in the swimsuit you’re seeing right now it inches the waist with that horizontal line and you still have ruffles and Now that we discussed the body types the hourglass pear Apple inverted triangle and the diamond shape let me know what type of body type you have what’s your favorite style of swimsuit whether you’re plus-sized or not I just feel like these are the most flattering for plus-size women with these type of body types.