Best Budget Contours and BRONZERS Available In India

Budget Contours and Bronzers

We’ve done blushes, highlighters, foundations and eyeliners, you name and we have our favourites all listed for you! Today we’re going to focus on a makeup product that’s become a staple very recently in our make-up kit here in India very recently because of the beautiful definition and warmth it leaves behind on our skin – a bronzer!

Our top 5 bronzers work great on all skin types, have rich formulas but different consistencies but promise to give you a goddess-like glow sculpted cheekbones!

Guidline to use :

Let’s talk about the basics –

·         Use the number 3 as a guide to apply your bronzer from the forehead temples and going down jawline on both sides of your face.

·         You can go down the sides of the nose to make it look thinner and add a slight dusting of the product on the tip for a sun-kissed effect.


1.  Loreal Paris Glam Bronze 

·         I picked this bronzer not just because of the beautiful glow that it leaves behind but also because I know how difficult it can be to pick out your shade when you’re trying out a new product.

·         This particular one comes in only 3 shades 1 for fair skin, 1 for us dusky girls and the last one for rich, deeper skin tones !

·         It has a slight shimmer in it that is warm toned so you can easily use it to warm up your foundation which is too light  for your skin and you can even skip blush, highlight because this bronzer does it all!

·         It comes with a bonus – a beautiful pigmented highlighter on one side and I suggest using a fluffy brush to apply this and blend it out in using swiping motions. 

(Budget contours and bronzers)

2.  Lotus Ideal Finish Pressed Powder SPF 15 

Can we begin by talking about just how simple yet classy the packaging of this product is? 

·         It comes with a great price point so I think it’s a great first bronzer to begin with if you’re new to using this product. That way you invest less, there is less wastage of product and you still get a fabulous bronzer that can absolutely pack a bunch!

·         I love matte bronzers because they can be used for both contouring and bronzing and this particular one is so pigmented it stays put all day!

·         What I love the most that this product is also completely natural and oil free and has SPF 15 to protect your skin.

 (Budget contours and bronzers)

3.  Daily Forever 52 Highlighter & Contour Powder Palette

·         Blush, highlight and contouring palettes are an absolute steal because you get multiple products at the price of just one so I wanted to throw this one into the mix and show you just how versatile product is and how much you can get out of this at such a good price.

·         It has 8 good sized pans that hold both r cool and warm skin tones contours, setting powders  and even a highlighting shade that looks amazing on different skin tones!

·         All of these shades can also be used as eyeshadows as well because of how intensely pigmented they are! So grab your brushes and start experimenting!


4.  Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation Stick 

·         Another incredibly travel friendly and affordable product is this cream contour stick by nykaa! I highly recommend starting out with creams specially if you’re a beginner just diving into the world of conturing because of how easy these sticks are to use, their amazing blendability and absolutely natural finish!

·         This formula is also very long wearing and crease proof so you don’t need to set it with a powder on top either

·         Just swipe on the product in the areas you wish to warm up and use eitheir your finger tip or a damp sponge to blend it in and get rid of  the harsh edges! This product a is part of Nykaa’s foundation range and is a shade for deeper skin tones, so I’m super impressed with the amount of shades they actually stock in this range.


5.  L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer 

·         This list would not be complete without the addition of a liquid bronzer

·         I know the product says concealer but you’ll be amazed by the number of shades available in this range!

·         They have everything from colour correctors, to concealer to bronzers and even contour colours, hence its my go-to combo to conceal and contour!

·         I use a shade one tone lighter than my skin tone to highlight the center of my face and go in with the shade coffee on the outer perimeters to contour and bronze!

·          All of these bronzers have made it to my favourites list but this liquid concealer is so richly pigmented and incredibly long-lasting that it’s definitely my top pick if you have to fulfil any of the above makeup needs! 

I hope this list will help you begin your journey into achieving a beautifully sculpted face with ease! Until next time stay tuned and stay Fabulous!

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