Best Budget EYELINERS In India in 2021

Best Budget Eyeliners in india

Eyeliners, for women, are nothing less than magical wands. Be it a quick fix for those tired eyes or just an attempt to glam-up the look, eyeliners can do wonders. From giving a depth to adding an edge, all of us have our own reasons and ways of using eyeliners, and preferences, too. While some might like the ease of using pencil eyeliners, the others like the crisp liquid-eyeliner application, which by the way, can be extremely difficult to ace, while also being worth all the effort. To ease your search Fafa Plussize compiles list of the best budget eyeliners In India

best budget eyeliners in india
best budget eyeliners in india

Types of Eyeliner in Indian Market :

There are many varieties of eyeliners in the market. Every eyeliner has its specification and ways to use. Here’s a list of best liquid eyeliners in India

 Gel Eyeliners

 The gel-based eyeliners are best suitable for the ones who are new in the process or the ones who want to try different styles as it allows for some playtime and bend-ability. 

1.      Maybelline New York lasting drama gel eyeliner –                            2.      Loreal paris super eyeliner gel intenza 36H

Best gel eyeliner in india in budget
best Budget gel eyeliner In India

Liquid Eyeliners

The liquid-based eyeliners are easier to use than the gel ones as their application is very crisp and clear strokes along the lash line without any mess. 

      1.  Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner                                               2.      Lakme Absolute shine line eyeliner

best Liquid eyeliner In india
Liquid eyeliner in india

3. Kay Beauty liquid Eyeliner                                                               4.      Maybelline New York Colossal Bold Eyeliner 

best budget eyeliner in india
liquid eyeliner in india

Eyeliner Pen and Pencils

The eyeliner pens and pencils are for the inexperienced ones who can end up with a messy look. They are specifically made in the shapes of pens and pencils to allow for an easy application. 

1.      Lakme eyeconic liner pen fine tip                                 2.      Sugar wingman waterproof microliner

Best budget pen eyeliner In India
best budget pen eyeliner in India

3.      Kay beauty 24hour kajal pencil                                     4.      Colorbar just smokey eye kajal

best budget pen eyeliner In india
Best budget pen eyeliner in india

Each of these eyeliners have a variety of colours to choose from so picking your perfect match is not going to be a task! These are the best eyeliners in India that you should consider adding to your makeup arsenal. comments below which one is your favorite pick and until next time, stay tuned and stay Fabulous! Read more on beauty just click here

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