Best Budget MASCARAS Available In India

Today we’re going to be talking about a product that’s an absolute staple which I reach for every single morning to make myself look a little more awake!

This list contains 5 of my absolute favourite drugstore mascaras that I promise are going to give you amazing results!

A common complaint amongst women when it comes to mascaras is they’re either too flaky and come off easily or they’re too clumpy and difficult to get off!

  1. L’oreal Million Lashes mascara
  • It lies perfectly balanced in between these two demons !
  • It has a uniquely designed wand which gives you a fanned out effect and ensures evenly coated lashes without any clumps whatsoever.
  • This mascaras has a waterproof version as well
  • I prefer this one because it stays put for as long as I need it to but still comes off in a jiffy with just a mild cleanser or coconut oil!

 Maybelline’s Colossal Waterproof Mascara

  • A mascara that I cannot stop raving about and has been my companion through thick and thin
  • It’s extremely pigmented and just a few swipes of it gives me long lashes that stay put through just about anything – rubbing, spicy food and even tears!
  • It also contains a skin booster – collagen that nourishes the lashes and encourages thickness and growth.
  • Because it’s extremely long-wearing it can be difficult to take off at the end of the day but all you need to do is take a cotton pad with waterproof makeup remover, hold it on your eyes for a few seconds and then wipe away in a downward motion – it’ll come right off!

 Maybelline’s Hypercurl

  • Vary of eyelash curlers but still want that perfectly curled effect? Don’t worry I’ve been there too which is why I always reach for Maybelline’s Hypercurl for special occasions for where I want a dramatic lash without the use of falses!
  • This mascara is waterproof too so I think it’s a great investment for the humid summer months and even the damp rainy season to come as well!
  • I like to use my tried and tested wiggle and roll motion with the curved brush and it gives me the best results by evenly coating each lash and giving me both a curl and volume.
  • It claims to last upto 18 hours but I’ve personally worn it for about 13 so it’s definitely a winner!
  1. Lotus Mascara 
  • Lotus is a natural skincare and cosmetics brand that combines their knowledge of the vedas with trending new technology and this mascara is one of their best sellers which is why I decided to try it out!
  • Very few mascara layers as well as this one, so one days that I want a natural look I just do 1-2 light layers but I can easily build that up to multiple coats for a dramatic effect without worrying about cracking or flaking.
  • It contains natural witch hazel extracts that nourish the lash with each application and is fragrance free – this basically makes it a boon for those with sensitive eyes!
  • This mascara is so well formulated that in spite of being all natural, it’s smudge – free and waterproof!
  1. Colorbar Growth Booster Serum 
  • I’ve tried serums for my body, face and even hair but a mascara infused with a lash serum at such an affordable price was an item i just couldn’t skip out on purchasing!
  • Infused with seaweed and lemon extracts the Colorbar Growth Booster Serum is said to boost lash growth by 1mm in 30 days!
  • I will be honest with you guys, I do have long lashes that grow back pretty quickly so I can’t completely say this was a result of the serum but my lashes definitely feel a lot lighter and softer whenever I reach for this particular mascara.
  • Because the formula is so weightless it’s perfect for those of you that want an extremely natural look and well separated lashes with minimal effort.
  • The packaging is beautiful and the product is paraben and cruelty-free as well!

Beautiful lashes are a girl’s best friend so go get your hands on your favourite mascara from my list today !


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