Best facemask for Glowy and Clear skin 2023

Masks for pigmentation pores acne blackheads anti ageing and darkspots

Hi my beauties welcome back to my blog I hope you guys are doing well.Today I have for you one of the most essential skin care blog that is facial masks.I love masking and I’ve been trying various mask face packs of different brands that are catering to several skin concerns, so whether you have pigmentation acne scars uneven skin tones pores or if you are looking for something that’s anti-aging or simply looking for glowing skin then this is the blog for you.

Other than the mask I will also be sharing you two very good DIYs that I use very often which you can be made very easily at home. I will be going mask wise also will tell you what are the ingredients and what that mask does and with skin.

1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack

The first mask that I have for you here is from Himalaya it’s their new mask and the key ingredients here are Fuller’s earth Multani mitti it has neem and turmeric in it the texture of this face pack is so good. The neem is antibacterial it regulates excess oil secretion, cleans your clogged pores and prevents recurrence of acne. Turmeric in this is going to control the acne causing bacteria as well and Multani mitti as we all know soothes the skin.

So this pack in particular is beautiful for anyone who has acne or acne prone skin and even if you have the small bumps on your face the most anonymity and the turmeric is going to take good care of the bumps on your face. It will cool down any kind of acne that’s popping on your face so anyone who has acne prone skin or the small bumps on their face I highly recommend the Himalaya neem face pack.

2.  Dot and Key pollution and acne defense

The next face pack that I have for you is one of my current favorites and I’m going to talk about this add a little bit of length and this is the dot and key pollution and acne defense green clay mask.

I have been eyeing on dot and key products for a while now because I love the packaging it’s so attractive and the kind of ingredients that they are using in their skincare is amazing. Now lets quickly go through the key ingredients that are listed on their packaging. The first ingredient here is a matcha green tea and then you have tamanu oil, salicylic Acid neem oil non comedogenic clay  French green clay. It also has eucalyptus oil and willow bark extract. I was so intrigued that I had to go in and research about the brand I then realized that they are doing some very very great skincare.

All the dot and key products are non comedogenic and they have no chemicals. Since a lot of you out there have acne concerns I went for the acne clay masks because I wanted to try and see how the mask actually is first off I just want to tell you before we go into the details that this is such a cooling mask so in summers no matter what skin type you are, I highly recommend this mask because every skin is going to love this mask.

It is so cooling on the face and it dries off in 10 minutes and after that I felt my skin is looking so much more clearer, it cools out my face completely matcha green-tea which is a main ingredient in this face pack is antibacterial and also reduces inflammation. It’s also going to even out your skin tone and if you have any kind of pigmentation or spots on your face so this is a very multitasking multi performing kind of a face mask. The antioxidants that are there in this green tea mask is going to help reduce acne and also improve the elasticity of your skin so I would say this is a multi-purpose mask it’s going to help anyone who is suffering from pigmentation,acne, acne scars or if you just want to even out your skin tone and get that beautiful glow .

The other thing that I absolutely loved about the face mask is the fragrance it smells so heavenly, I cannot stop smelling since the time I have gotten this mask. Now this is a pretty thick face mask the other key in is the monoi oil which is the carrier oil that facilitates growth of newer skin and it soothes and repair skin and diminishes scars hence this is an excellent face mask for anyone who has acne acne prone skin or anyone who has acne scars or even pigmentation.

3.  Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

The next two face masks that I have are for people who are suffering from open pores and anyone who has a lot of blackheads or whiteheads all just simply wants to exfoliate the skin and wants to get a beautiful more even toned glowing skin.

Now the next mask I have for you is Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask 2x now there are two versions in this mask from Innisfree there is a 2 X version which is more expensive or slightly more expensive and I think there is a normal a pore clay mask that is from Innisfree the packaging is only very slightly different I wanted to go with the 2x and see what the hype is all about.

Now the first time when I went ahead and use this I really felt that you know it’s an average mask because after I scrubbed my face I put this on and my face was so red that I couldn’t see that it has gotten rid of any blackheads or whiteheads on my face. I have a major problem of whiteheads especially around chin area and mostly when there is a weather change. I also get small bumps on my face so charcoal must really work very well for me but after the redness subsided I did realize that it had gotten rid of almost 30 to 40% of my blackheads and whiteheads around this area, and then I realized that this actually is a very good mask and it’s worth all the hype. However this mask claims  that it’s pore tightening it’s even control exfoliation find us cleansing blackhead, removal deep cleansing, cooling effects, softening, brightening and firming. Now I definitely agree that it did get rid of a lot of my blackheads and whiteheads it did form up my skin a little bit and it did tighten up my pores a little bit. However it did not give me any brightening, it did exfoliate my face pretty well but I’m not very sure about the cooling effect in fact the dot and key one was a lot more cooling so I would recommend this face pack particularly for anyone who has a lot of blackheads whiteheads and open pores. So I would recommend this mask but do bear in mind that this is on the higher end of things it is 100 ml of product and you get it for 1,100 rupees.

4.  Pure clay mask detoxify from l'oréal

Now a little bit about charcoal because my next mask is also a charcoal face mask and one of my favorites. Charcoal becomes like a magnet when it comes in contact with any kind of dirt toxins or chemicals that’s why it’s excellent for removing any kind of dirt and unclog your pores so highly recommended for anyone who has open pores or anyone who has blackheads or whiteheads. My next face mask is also a charcoal mask and I love this  is the pure clay mask detoxify from l’oréal this has Japanese activated charcoal in it.  I’ve seen such great results it works on my  blackheads on my open pores it even brightens your skin gives you that beautiful glow and whenever I feel that my skin is looking dull I go in with this mask and it does the magic

5.  Plum Green tea Clay

The next face mask I have is from plum and the key ingredient stated here are kaolin and bentonite clay green tea clay and like Glycolic acid and this is one of the masks that is highly recommended for acne prone skin now I really like the plum mask because it’s not too thick and not too thin it’s of perfect consistency. I really like this for the glycolic acid because it exfoliates skin it effectively, removes superficial layer of the skin removing, dead skin cells and it brightens the skin treats any kind of scarring and any kind of skin discoloration, wrinkles and fine lines. So this is a mask which is again a multi-purpose mask. Plum is 100% vegan brand there are no harmful chemicals and sulfates in their products, I have loved their green tea range and try this mask is beautiful it is very very good for acne prone skin. If you have acne scars pigmentation or if you have any kind of discoloration on your face the glycolic acid in this is really going to help your skin condition


6.  Good vibes papaya glow mask

the next mask that I have for you is good vibes papaya glow mask I’ve spoken about this mask earlier as well this has kaolin clay in it it has papaya and aloe vera extracts. I love the texture of this it’s very very moosie it’s neither too thick nor too thin and papaya fights pigmentation and blemishes. It also acts as a gentle exfoliator and it is very good for brightening skin and getting that very beautiful glow and evening out your skin tone.

My next two masks are for anyone who’s looking to get rid of their tan and remove any kind of dark spots and treat their uneven skin tone.

7.  Banjaras Mask

The next on my list is from banjaras this first one is the sandalwood mask and the second one is the papaya mask

a)           Papaya mask

I specifically recommend the papaya mask if you have a tan or dark spots in specific if you want to even out your skin tone and if you’re looking for something that’s anti-inflammatory then I highly recommend the sandalwood one.

b)           Sandalwood mask

Now the banjaras face mask comes in a box which has five sashes inside. Sandalwood is very helpful in getting rid of any kind of tan it use any kind of dark spots also very helpful if you have acne or acne scars on your face.


8.   DIY Home Made Mask

a)          Chickpea mask

DIY that I have for you that you can whip at home under five minutes is a chickpea mask. Chickpea mask is for anyone who has pigmentation in specific and if you want that natural glow which we put on our brides. For the chickpea mask all you have to do is take some chick pea that’s Chana ka Atta and add some turmeric in it. Then you add some yogurt if you have very dry skin put some organic honey and see the magic happening because organic honey will really take care of any kind of skin issues that you may have on your face. Also honey and chickpea here is very good exfoliator as well so if you don’t want to use any of the masks that I mentioned above you can go in for the chickpea mask. I use this every time at least once a month I even use it on my body as a bath product and I think it’s absolutely wonderful.

b)           Banana Mask

My last face mask and a DIY is very helpful for anyone who’s looking for an anti-aging face mask and has premature aging on their skin laughs lines crow’s feet frown lines this is a face mask that is going to be very helpful. For this mask all you need is a raw banana we all know that bananas are very very good for boosting collagen in your skin then add four tablespoons of yogurt the lactic acid in yogurt is going to prevent premature aging and then two teaspoons of honey. Honey is not just antibacterial it’s anti-inflammatory and it also moisturizes your skin and hydrates your skin really well so do try this out at home if you are suffering from premature aging and your skin is going to bless you.


So those were my most favorite face masks I hope I was able to cater to every skin concern if you found this blog helpful then please share it and comment below which one suits you the best.