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Founded in 2020 with Love by

Punam Singh

for Love of plussize

Her constant struggle to find right fit clothes and accessories for her size led her to build a platform to educate and help plus size people about fashion and accessories. Solving major issue of plus size fit dresses where one can look trendy and fashionable..

FaFa Plussize

FaFa Plussize acts as personal grooming consultant and lifestyle moderator while providing plussize people with trendy clothes which are tailored made for them. Shop your best fit and trendy outfits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower plus size people by encouraging and providing them with power to understand their bodies, size and what suits them best.

About Founder

Punam Singh

Poonam Singh a plus size Influencer, Masters from Coventry University, London. A Fashionista, has been conducting fashion shows under the banner of Studio Big Boss a venture of her father. She is breaking the stereotype around Plus size, their shape issues, body shaming, weight issues and shopping issues. Fat and Fab is her brain child to address above issues and provide a platform to plus size people. She bring you the best of advice on beauty, style, fitness, and health. So contact us, ask questions, and share your opinion.

Love Punam Singh

What we do?

We enfold everything a plus size woman ever thought off from beauty advice, styling tips, skincare, latest trends, fashion, lifestyle, and much more


FAFA is first Indian Plus size platform for makeup, beauty, style, fitness, and lifestyle. Tune in for daily, latest trendz plus size makeup tips, healthcare, fashion ideas, nail art, daily life hacks, Shopping and much more.

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