For the plus-size women, clothes are a bit harder to find, and sometimes it is a bit more work to pull together a look. But it is very possible to look fantastic at any size!  In fact, looking our best at any size will help us feel better about our lives and to do the things that nurture ourselves. I know because I am a plus-sized woman, too.

One thing that will help to complete a look is the use of accessories. In fact, accessories are your best friend when it comes to dressing your plus-sized body. Accessories add pizzazz. They show an attitude of confidence and style. And they give you tools to show off your best assets while bringing less attention to your less than favorite parts.

This article will give you vital information for rocking that plus-sized body of yours by adding accessories to your wardrobe in some exciting ways.

Plus-Size Accessorizing

First, let’s go over some general principles for plus-size accessories, then we’ll go into detail on specific items.

  1. Be proportionate – The accessories you wear make sure that it matches your body size and. Pair your outfit with big rather than small. This keeps your look in proportion.
  2. Don’t overuse black. Plus size women seem a little obsessed with black. Black accessories are wonderful but that said, don’t always use black just because it’s basic. You can also use blue, cream brown as neutrals. Don’t overuse the black accessories just because you think it’s only your only choice.
  3. Use an accessory as “pop” in an outfit. A pop is something that sticks out from the rest of the outfit and creates strong visual interest. An accessory can give a pop of color on an otherwise fairly bland outfit.
  4. Be creative. If you have an accessory, be creative and experiment with what you wear it with, and how. You might come up with some interesting combinations
  5. Be bold.Don’t be afraid to stand out. Sometimes when we gain weight, we feel like we deserve to be invisible and not seen. But dressing well will make people notice you, in a good way!


When it comes to jewelry, remember that proportion is important. In many cases, that means choosing something bigger over something smaller. Choosing a piece that is too small may tend to emphasize your size and get lost on you.

1.  Necklaces

For necklaces, make sure your necklaces are long enough to go to the right height. You don’t want the thing to choke you by being too small around your neck. You can buy a lengthen-er that will add some length to the chain. As well, a trick I use is to link two necklaces together, to create one long chain. Experiment with some chunkier styles to add interest and texture to your outfit.

2.  Earrings

A gorgeous set of earrings can complete the polish of the look. Earrings don’t have to be big in all cases. A discrete stud is beautiful on any woman, but you have the advantage of being able to wear some of the bigger earrings without it overwhelming your face. Big hoop earrings can be especially sexy and appealing to us plus-size girls.

3.  Bracelets and Watches

A lovely bracelet, watch of a set of bangles can add real visual interest to an outfit. The key to these items is to “go big.” You don’t want a skinny little ring on your arm that will serve to emphasize the size of your arm. Instead, go with something substantial and make a bold statement! Look for a chunky bracelet or a big set of jangles. Get a watch with a thicker strap. And be sure to try it on to make sure it fits

4.  Wearing Belts

The first thing to note about belts is that not all belts are created equal. The belts do vary in size and in many cases, you may not fit the regular-sized belt. This is an item that is good to buy in a plus-size store, or even better, online to get the right fit. Here are some creative ideas for wearing a belt to your best advantage:

  • Use a belt to create a waist over a tunic that does not have a fitted waist.
  • Use a belt over a long scarf. This will keep the scarf in place and also create a waist for you.
  • Use a belt underneath a cardigan to make it more fitted.
  • You can also belt over a cardigan for a very fitted look.
  • Belt a dress that does not have its own waist to create a waist.

Where to wear a belt? Place it at your smallest place, which for many of us is just underneath your bust line. For others, that will be your actual waist. This will create that coveted hourglass shape.

5.  Wearing Scarves

Scarves are so much fun and can be worn in a variety of different ways. A scarf is an excellent tool for changing the lines of an outfit.

A scarf is also good for adding a pop to an outfit, as well as for adding color around your face, needed if the color of your outfit is too dark or too light for you. Here are some ideas for wearing scarves:

  • A scarf can be used as a belt, although it will have to be a fairly big scarf to fit comfortably around your waist and still have some room.
  • A scarf can be tied around the neck in several ways. This can be done more formally or casually, depending on the look that you want to achieve.
  • As I mentioned earlier, a very smart look is to take a scarf and put a belt over it. This ties the scarf down and makes it as part of the outfit. This works for a long scarf. A long scarf, because of its long lines, adds a vertical line, to your outfit, which flatters and makes your body seem longer and therefore, slimmer.
  • Scarves can also be worn as a bracelet, on one’s purse, or as a headband, as shown by the creative blogger above.


1.  Purses

Purses should be big enough to hang at a decent height, so try to get something with a longer strap. This will help the purse hang at a better place on your body. And for purse styles, go with something big enough to not get lost on you. A tiny little purse will often look disproportionate. Go with a medium to larger sized bag, although too big can look “clownish.” Just be sure to try on the purse in the store and see how it looks with your body.

2.  Shoes

Shoes are also a very important part of the outfit. Don’t forget about your shoes when you’re getting dressed! For shoes, wear something that has a bit of support, but that doesn’t mean dowdy. A chunky wedge is a good look. If you are wearing sandals, make them a bit dressier with some shape to them. A flat sports sandal is good for the beach, but not an attractive choice for going out and about.

The Most Important Things

The most important things to remember about accessorizing your plus-size body are to have fun and enjoy dressing up. Use accessories to add and enhance your clothing. And remember, you don’t have to wait to lose weight to be beautiful. You are beautiful now!