How to find your personal style

Finding your personal style can be an elusive and evolving process, but there’s no denying the power and euphoria of stepping out with confidence when you know you’ve nailed your look!

Is there something people always seem to compliment you on when you wear it?  Whether it’s your accessory game, your ability to style a dress and make it yours, or something else, these are the strengths you should build into your always evolving personal style.

Think about your style personality.  And if you’re like me, on a given day your personality may venture into another look altogether!  But the look that always feels right and dominates most of your wardrobe is probably a good indicator of where you align. 

A lot of times I was just kind of scrounging in the morning for trying to put together an outfit and it was just a disaster so now I want to kind of update looking back on what I did to improve that and how I found my personal style and how I think that you could really find yours as well through these tips:

1.     Document your outfits through photos

So that brings me to my first point which is to take your photo every single day of your outfit. This could be an outfit that maybe you don’t feel necessarily represents yourself but I feel like photos give you a little bit more self awareness of what your outfit looks like in a 2d dimension.

 I took my photo every single day of my outfit and it gave me so much more awareness of where I was at with my wardrobe.  

I swear like after a year of doing that you’re gonna be so much farther advanced and more personal style than you were a year before.

2.  Start collecting inspiration

Find places where you can have inspirations sent to you all the time whether that’s through Instagram or Pinterest obviously with the algorithms it’s so easy to do. This was my go-to tip to find your style through different inspirations. Just find what exemplifies you the best it makes you feel the most confident and comfortable in your own skin and in your own clothes.

 I’m still perfecting my personal style, finding it and it changes as you age and as trends change too. So enjoy it and just make something that makes your life work better for you make your closet work better for you and hopefully, this gives you so much inspiration and have fun doing it at the end of the day.

3.  Color Scheme:

My next tip is to find a color scheme and stick to it so these are first signature colors so if you’re looking for what is the timeless wardrobe that you own.

 I’m talking the most basic standard pieces that now gonna be in a signature color palette, in design what we try to do is stick to a color palette that’s less than five colors. Anything more than that can be a little bit overwhelming and kind of disorganized or unintentional.

4.  Assess your current wardrobe

The way that I suggest to do this in your wardrobe is to take everything out of your closet, of your drawers and put them into piles of colors. Put all of the white colors together, put all the blue colors together, etc. It will save your time and help you in your day to day practice of having a personal style. It will exemplify you so you will have this beautiful style that represents you.

5.  Identify your body shape

My next tip is to match your clothes to your body style. A lot of times people think that if I buy something off the rack it should fit me properly. It can be discouraging when it doesn’t when those clothes in the first place weren’t designed for someone of your body style.

 For me as a petite, I’m always tailoring things up about what my body is shaped like and then make my clothes work for me. The clothes are just an accessory to what you actually look like in your beautiful body style. Everybody’s unique, everybody’s different so consider what your own personal body style.

6.  Your Preferred comfort level

whats your preferred comfort level or your comfort level so for me, I like to be a little bit extra I like to be more on the overdress side of things so I felt rather awesome and I was really just because that was my

 I think that really relates to the type of lifestyle and job that you want. It might be more in a casual environment versus a more formal environment. Dressing for the job that you want is so real and it has so much to do with personal style. When you go in for that handshake you’re already telling them so much more about yourself with what you’re wearing and finally just research and evaluate why you’re drawn toward certain styles.

7.   Do a closet clean-out

I’m constantly purging my closet to make room for the things I love and wear frequently vs. things I’ve never worn or have only worn once. Hold on things you truly love and wear, it helps you to refine your personal style. 

8.  Wear what you LOVE, not what's simply on-trend.

It’s important to be real about what speaks to you and what sparks confidence from within. Remember, pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful never go out of style.

9.  Don't forget about accessories!

Great style is all in the details and accessories make the outfit, even if it’s the same earrings that go with everything or vintage pieces you keep on rotation.

10.  Shop Smarter

Take inventory of what you already own and love, then make a list of complementary pieces that are missing and focus on buying those over time.  Once you have a basic collection of staples, you can add in other pieces to compliment them.