How to control hair fall for women?

Hair is an integral part of a woman’s overall look and hair fall nowadays is the major concern of every woman. I have a hair care routine for you guys now these are the hair care products that I have been using for the past couple of months. I have shortlisted some Indian brands that are silicon paraben and cruelty-free and these products have been working well for me. These hair products are good if you have dry and frizzy brittle hair or if you’re facing hair fall and have excessive dandruff or if you have damaged hair. Let’s start with a few simple and quick home remedies to stop and control hair fall. 


Stress is thought to have a huge impact on hair fall. By reducing stress levels, you can control/reduce hair fall. So it is advised to massage your hair with hair oil. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and you can effectively control hair fall. In long run, you get good hair. Messaging promotes relaxation and reduces your stress levels to some extent. 

Use oils like Coconut oil, Olive oil, almond oil Onion oil, castor oil, Moroccan argan, etc, to promote healthy hair. Oil messaging is one of the best hair fall remedies for many. The first two products that I have for you today are :

Pure by mama earth - onion hair oil

The hair oils have been working well for me, not just on my hair fall but also on the texture of my hair the first one that I have for you is pure by mama earth - onion hair oil I got my hands on this about a month ago and have been using ever since this has worked on my hair fall and it has dropped the hair fall by about 30 to 40 percent in monsoon every year. I have hair fall so I was anywhere looking for something much in advance to control my hair fall before it stops now this brand is not just silicon and paraben-free they are also cruelty-free they don't put any artificial fragrances which is what I love about this oil in particular. The product claims It boosts hair growth and adds strength and shine it also nourishes the scalp.

    Kama Ayurveda Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil

The oils that I've been using and liking and I feel are worth every single penny also works on hair fall It's a one-stop solution for your all too common hair health issues. It helped me to prevent hair loss, dandruff, and premature graying. The oil is a blend of herbs processed in pure sesame oil and milk which works super amazingly leaving your hair naturally smooth silky and healthy. It works great on repairing dry, frizzy, and brittle hair. The oil helps to promote hair growth and has an antifungal agent as well as it prevents scalp infection. As it's lightweight and gets absorbed quickly, apply it overnight for the best results.


I’m going to tell you a product that I have moved out of which is a plastic comb and what am I using instead is a neem comb. This is carved out of a neem tree now this has medicinal properties of neem. This will not just take care of dandruff in your hair but also control hair fall what I was facing was that whenever I comb my hair because I have waist-length hair it was creating a lot of static in the length of my hair because of which I was having very frizzy hair my hair was breaking from the mid-length and my hair becoming very frizzy so I decided to move on to something like this I was researching on the internet and I stumbled upon this. 


Use a pre-shampoo mask this does condition your hair guys. If you have frizzy very dry unruly hair or if you have wavy or curly hair which I do, this will definitely help. Since the ends of my hair are a bit too frizzy and a bit too curly these days so what I do is, soak the strands very well with this oil in particular and the ends of my hair. Later, I washed it off to apply a conditioner which leaves my hair very soft. 

a)                Aloe vera juice and Neem Paste to Stop/Control Hair Fall

Here goes the second remedy which helps to control and reduce hair fall. Extract some aloe vera juice and add some neem powder to it, now add a few drops of any oil to this mixture. Then apply this on your scalp, leaving it for an hour. Then wash it off. Repeat this procedure once a week. Neem is considered to be a fantastic hair fall treatment.

b)  Egg white and Curd To Stop/Control Hair Fall

In this remedy, take the egg whites of two eggs and add two tablespoons of curd and some shikakai powder to it. Mix well and apply it to the scalp covering each part well. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse well and repeat every week to reduce hair fall. Talking about remedies to stop hair fall, this is one that tops the list. Are you still wondering how to stop/control hair fall naturally? Try these hair fall treatments to see the difference.

Tip for Hairfall:

Your pre-shampoo mask your hair oil everything together contributes to having control over your hair fall because only a shampoo does not do anything for your hair fall. I get that question a lot that’s why I am addressing it there is nothing called a hair fall defense sort of a shampoo I think it’s everything together that you do that manages to control your hair fall so these steps right here highly recommended.


a)                Forest essential Hair Cleanser japapatti & Brahmi

The first product that I have here is a very different one it’s a shampoo japapatti & Brahmi by Forest essential this is enriched with Hibiscus flower infusion and Brahmi extracts which rejuvenates the scalp and deeply nourishes the hair. Nagarmotha and extracts prevent hair loss, and premature graying, and maintain natural hair color. This brand, in particular, is SLS paraben cruelty-free. I’ve been trying a lot of their body care products as well the product is easy to use all you have to do is just massage it with some water in between your palms and then with the help of your fingertips just massage it in your roots and make sure that your scalp is clean. I deliberately opted for something that’s for dry damaged hair because I wanted to see how it works on the hair also because like I said these days my hair is already dry I will go ahead and readout for dry and damaged hair something I really like I think works well for anyone who has dry damaged or frizzy hair.

b)                   Vilvah Goat milk shampoo

The next shampoo that I have is something that I’ve spoken about in the past as well I have used up an entire bottle of this and moving on to the next one this is the will work goat milk shampoo now this comes with jasmine hydrosol this also has banana extract farm fresh goat milk jasmine essential oil and argan oil these you guys is such an amazing product simply because it works well on your hair will not strip down your hair cleanses your scalp well and it’s sulfate silicon-free paraben free I think a wonderful shampoo you’re facing hair falls something gentle for your scalp now so this is one of my favorite shampoos in the past couple of weeks.


Tip for Haircare:

The way to use shampoo in my opinion if you don’t want to strip the length of your hair raise is:

Don’t put shampoo on the length of your hair.Just massage on your scalp whatever is left you to bring down and you clean

The length of your hair and that’s all just wash off with this one in particular.

One thing that you do have to remember when you’re moving from the general shampoos is to make sure to give some time to any silicone or paraben-free shampoo to work on your hair. When I moved on to these shampoos I did feel one day my hair would soft the next wash they were a little bit dry the third time I watched I had a little bit of each on my scalp and my scalp is not even dry at all and I don’t have any dandruff issues so your scalp your hairdo takes a little bit of time to adjust to these shampoos.


a)               Mama earth's onion conditioner

My first conditioner is from the brand Mama earth’s no more tangles hair conditioner. I only started using this product very recently but love it because this made my hair soft and smooth and also has nourishing ingredients that help in detangling hair. Milk protein and amla are so good if you have frizzy and dry hair also argan and tea tree oil nourishes hair and the fragrance right here also it’s very subtle. What attracts me to this product is it has no silicones, SLS, Sulphates, Paraben, Phthalate, and synthetic color.

b)    Forest Essential Hair Conditioner Bhrigraj & Shikakai

My second pick is from Forest Essential Hair Conditioner Bhrigraj &Shikakai- created to smoothen and condition hair with minimal effort. Its high concentration of premium quality ingredients leaves my hair smooth, thick, and lustrous texture. Kalonji seed oil is the key conditioning and strengthening ingredient in the conditioner. Moisturizing agents obtained from natural sources are best and safe for your hair strands and their health. Forest Essential hair conditioning formula is a fusion of nature’s best hair highly nutritive oils like olive, apricot kernel, black sesame, and fresh ayurvedic infusion of hibiscus flowers and herbs. Your dry hair receives intense conditioning and stays deeply moisturized. The natural cold-pressed oils rich in nutrients provide superior nourishment, thereby supporting hair growth and repairing the hair. Conditioning your hair with natural oils enriched conditioner helps minimize hair breakage. The antioxidant-rich natural oils and plant extracts bolster the antioxidant defense of the hair follicles. Bhringraj oil in the conditioner helps minimize hair loss and promotes growth. Regardless of your hair type, quality and condition, whether it is normal or dry, natural or color-treated, you are eligible for using this fabulous Smooth Therapy Conditioner. This product is free from parabens and petrochemicals. This natural conditioner is free of SLS/SLES (Sulphate).