Nail care routine how I keep my nails long and healthy and strong

I’m finally bringing you my nail care routine which I like to do about once a week just to maintain the shape and the overall health of my nails.

I use Beaute’ Secrets 7 in 1 manicure Black stainless Steel set. It’s the best I came across till now. Portable to carry comes in a protective synthetic leather case gives a luxurious look. 

Tools Required:

  1. Nail polish remover
  2. Cotton pads
  3. Cuticle pusher
  4. Nail buffer
  5. Cuticle nipper
  6. Nail file

Nail polish Remover

My first step is to remove the nail polish and protein treatment that I already have on it. I use this nail polish remover that I got from Nykaa and it's from colorbar. Now I like this one in particular as its non – carcinogenic, paraben-free, and also colorbar is a cruelty-free brand. It's an ultra-efficient nail enamel remover which is infused with proteins and Vitamins B 5 leaving my nails moisturized. The best thing which I personally like in it is, formulated without acetone, toluene, and DBP. Highly recommended as it leaves my nail bed strengthened and moisturized.

Remove Cuticle

After all the nail polish has been removed I like to dip my hands in a bowl of warm water just to help soften my cuticles so I can push them back and to do that I like to use a cuticle pusher. I just push them back really gently and since I do this almost weekly they're usually not too much.

Nipper and Buffer:

My third step is to go ahead with a cuticle nipper to gently remove any hangnails or excess skin that I have around my nails and afterward I like to use a buffer to buff and smooth out my nails I do experience ridging on one of my thumbnails so buffing it out just really helps to keep it smooth

Shape it

My fourth step is to file my nails. I like to use it just to keep my nails file down to almond shape and I just found that it's really gentle all my nails.


I enjoy it to keep my cuticles hydrated. In order to do so I like to use a little bit of macadamia oil and then my favorite part is using this Orly nail defense strengthening protein treatment. I absolutely love this protein treatment I think it's helped so much in keeping my nails strong because that's what it's meant to do but I like to apply this under any kind of nail polish that I'm using. Sometimes I'll even just use two coats of this protein treatment and call it a day. It also dries really quickly which is a huge plus and I find that it prevents, yellow staining from other nail polishes so I really appreciate that as well.

Clear coat

I've recently been using this clear coat from Sally Hansen – no chip top coat and I really like just using clear nail polish because I like the way it looks it's a lot easier to maintain. I don't have to worry about how it looks when it chips it took me about two months to grow my nails up to this length I did break too along the way so I've had to start over with those but generally my nails grow pretty quickly I do take liquid biotin for my hair so I'm not sure how much that affects my nail growth but this is my nail through the routine you guys I really think that this routine helps to keep them strong and from breaking.