The blog is something that I get asked a lot what are the most important things that you need when you’re traveling as a Plus size person so I decided to give you guys a little list.

So for many people traveling can be a source of anxiety now it can be the idea of traveling for the first time traveling to a place they’ve never been before dying in the plane there’s so many possibilities and so many fears along with traveling

However plus-sized women just getting in the plane can be something that’s terrifying.

First :

For a lot of women the seat belt in the plane it just not fit properly so they have to feel embarrassed most of them feel embarrassed to have to ask for a seatbelt extender now wearing these people expend their has the stigma of being someone that is completely you know fat.  Some people are really fat and they do need a seatbelt extender but I do what you remind you that there is no stigma around it depending on the plane or the airline, certain seatbelt extenders are a little bit too small for my waist but I do have to bring a  seatbelt extender along with me so that way the fear of having to ask for a see fall extender is completely gone now you just carry it with you they don’t take it away from you when you’re flying it’s completely safe there’s nothing wrong with it so just get a seatbelt extender that you can get on Amazon.


the second thing I never travel without is the deo stick now for years I’ve been always wearing deodorant in between my thighs to make sure that I don’t chafe if I’m traveling to a really warm area in the world or if I know that I’m gonna be walking a lot and you know chafing is going to happen especially if you’re wearing a lot of skirts. I constantly get asked what I wear in the summer for chafing and my answer is go for some good deodorant stick which is not the healthiest thing to put in between your thighs so I decided to stop doing that but now we have so much variety of products offering cruelty free and are pretty a natural products I am okay with putting this in between my thighs and there’s no chafing I don’t have to reapply I kind of just do it once a day and then I’m good to go now of course that’s going to vary depending on your pH and how much you sweat and things like that but for me I just have to put this on once I roll it up on one thigh roll it up with a second thigh blend in together with my thighs and then I’m good to go so I never leave without applying that.


The third thing I never travel without is a towel now I personally get freaked out by wearing or cleaning or drying myself with towels from a hotel even if it’s a five-star hotel it kind of just freaks me out so what I like to do is I like to bring in my own towel now if you’re a plus-sized women you know that towels tend to be not plus-sized friendly however I found a few towels that kind of extend for our bodies they’re a little bit longer and that way you get to cover it completely and you don’t have that embarrassing thing of like walking out and there’s only like a quarter of your part is being covered or is exposed and you have to run from the bathroom to the room if it’s not in your room so definitely get a towel something long,I always have to travel with mine.


I’m staying at a resort I do love to go to the spa now one of the biggest issues with going into a spa is that most of the times they don’t have a rope that fits you properly if you are a plus size person so I definitely recommend for you to buy a pool size rope and I always like to travel with it. Something like that if you’re gonna be sharing a room or family and you are getting if you’re like me and you like to do your makeup,you just put on the rope when you’re good to go or if you’re running out the shower last minute you always have your rope with you it just saves time saves your life and a lot of embarrassing stories so yeah ultimately link those down below as well


So the fifth thing that I constantly travel with is a pair of biker shorts now finding biker shorts that fit comfortably for me has been a bit of a struggle. I recently went to Charlotte and I tried on a few and one was really sparkly and it kind of itch so I didn’t want to take that one and then the other one’s a little too restricting and it did it guilt asides up so what I did is I decided to take a pair of old leggings and I cut them and then I started wearing them as biker shorts and it fits perfectly. If you’re like me who wears a lot of skirts and dresses but you also like to sit like this then you don’t have to worry about and you don’t feel restricted.

Sixth :

The last but not least is a fashion tip now this tip is mostly for people who want to look like they’re dressing differently every other day I know some people when they travel they don’t care whether when they kind of just pack leggings t-shirts and they’re good to go but if you’re like me and you like to look cute every single day and you want to create a fashion statement then what I recommend is for you to wear first of all pack things that are not as bulky now sometimes you don’t have the option because you do want to wear that big thick sweater if you’re in a cold place like I am right now so what I like to do in my tip is try and find things that you can mix and match over and over again so the dress that I have on right now I’ve already styled it to be worn four different times or four different shirts so it’s just one dress and then four shirts that way I have a lot more space to pack in my suitcase and yeah it’s just easier

Checklist for Plus Size Packing Carry on in India while travelling through Air.

Whether your size 2 or size 20 it is possible to travel carry-on only 30kgs when you plan to travel through Air.

So while you pack down for your trip make sure it accommodates within 30kgs of your suitcase.

Mandatory checklist while packing for plus size for clothing this is where it actually gets a little bit different now first here is:

  1. A sleeping shirt.
  2. A Shape wear must have.
  3. A travel on a workout outfit
  4. A leggings and a Fitness top.
  5. A sports bra, a regular bra and Panties
  6. Two summer dresses
  7. A pair of denim shorts
  8. A pair a of dark skinny jeans
  9. A versatile black skirt
  10. Two tops that these could be worn

casually or dressed up with the skirt

  1. A pair of shoes
  2. A heels sandals and ballet flats.
  3. A makeup kit that has all the essentials
  4. A blazer that’s versatile and can be worn in different places.
  5. A little pouch for daily essential.
  6. Toiletries

Remember whether your size 2 or size 20 you can travel carry-on only 30kgs.

Just live your life full size.